Our various SERVICE OFFERINGS within this business unit

Flexibile Resource Model

  • Supplementing resources when demand exceeds capacity.
  • Permanent Once-off Placements.
  • IT Empowerment Solutions - Specialization:
    Data Analyst - QA - Quality Enigeers - Business Analyst - Project Managers - Developers - Business Consulting - IT Strategy

add-on SKILLS

Services are offered through SPECIALISED CONSULTANTS to clients, either in a PROJECT CAPACITY or in an INDIVIDUAL / ADD-ON CAPACITY

The business areas cover the entire spectrum of services from Desktop Support and Roll-Outs. Project Management Business Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation thereof.

permanent PLACEMENTS

IT Empowerement Consulting follows standard practices with once-off placements, ensuring BEST-FIT CANDIDATE for the position

Our highly trained and skilled consultants conduct thorough screening, evaluating and selecting of behalf of our clients by using meticulous selection methodology, and personality profiling i.e Workplace Strengths Assessments. The extend of our high-profile database coupled with the resources available allow IT Empowerment Consulting to effectively match candidates based on skills, company environment and culture.

A division within IT Empowerment Consulting (Pty) Ltd, specifically concentrating on delivering specialised services for clients in every industry, all over Africa


Our extensive experience allows us to adapt regional customs and preferences, meanwhile help clients to solve the most complex problems.

IT Empowerment Solutions was created within the group with the purpose of creating a business value of IT through strategic planning and smart executions.


IT Empowerment Consulting offers a portfolio of services related to the establishment, development, execution and improvement of projects and project management practices in various industries.

We go beyond general and over-viewing approaches to Project Management. Specific client needs, and strategies are addressed, thereby enabling organisations to develop and implement projects faster, cheaper and according to set objectives.


IT EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES has to date developed several turnkey solutions for the SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT and PRIVATE SECTOR

The key one being the development of a bespoke accreditation solution is being widely used by various government departments for the live capture of personal data, especially during high-level security events.



Face Recognition

Network Provisioning into Africa


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