IT Empowerment Consulting is an Information and Communication Technology  (ICT)  service  provider  that  offers services across the ICT spectrum . These services and products are delivered using the unique best-of-breed products, services and processes.

IT Empowerment Consulting is B-BBEE COMPLIANT and is certified as a LEVEL 2 CONTRIBUTOR

IT Empowerment Consulting is a new generation, Empowerment Company in the ICT sector with the ability to add value in the physical and digital world. It advises clients on business and  strategic information and communication strategy, performance improvement as well as takes responsibility for the management of the projects to ensure that all the agreed objectives are met. IT Empowerment Consulting forms strategic partnerships with their clients and in doing so. measure their success on the success achieved by the client. IT Empowerment Consulting is a 51% woman owned Equal Opportunity Company .

The concept of IT Empowerment Consulting can be visualised as a virtual trading floor of intellectual capital, where buyers and sellers of intellectual capital meet in a mediated environment, whereby price setting and contractual agreements can be facilitated, albeit for skills, services or products.


Client Centric







Local (SA Based)

With the ever increasing advance in technology. the market requires SPECIALIST SKILLS which are UP TO DATE with the ADVANCING TECHNOLOGY

ITET a division of ITEC os focused on just that. We have a pool of highly qualified skills that focus on understanding the latest advances in technology. This allows us not only to supply the skills sets deliver all of the services around such technology but also to act as an independent advisory or auditing body.

Due to our focus on technology and the related skills sets required. ITET are also in a position to supply these technologies along with the required skill sets and services be it on an outright purchase, rental or even on a click rate. ITEC commits to supplying state of the art technology with all of the advance skill sets required that ensure a successful implementation and return of investment.


Creating CONSTANCY OF PURPOSE towards the improvement of product and service with a plan to improve competitiveness continuously.

CONTINUALLY IMPROVING all processes, with immediate action taken on potential and reported defects.

Creating an EMPLOYEE FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT ensuring their happiness to realize the Group's objectives.


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Monument Park | Pretoria

P.O Box 100062 | Moreletapark | 0044
Telephone: (+27) 12 346 0623 | Fax: (+27) 12 346 0643